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  • X2 Announces New Handheld Digital Wireless Microphone System

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    Designed for live vocal performances, the XDR-955 is the first-ever handheld wireless microphone system to utilize digital conversion and proprietary dual digital RF transmission technology to faithfully and reliably reproduce every nuance of a vocal performance with a superior sonic clarity that surpasses even the most expensive analog devices. The system only recognizes correct digital data and disregards all other sources of interference. This is essential when considering today's wide presence of cell phones, wireless networks and other unforeseen or unknown sources of RF energy. Additionally, the XDR-955 is 2009 Compliant meaning that it's free from DTV and FCC licensing concerns and can roam virtually anywhere throughout N. and S. America without issue.

    The XDH4 handheld transmitter will ship standard with the Audix OM3 capsule and features rugged polycarbonate material to house the unit's circuitry and AA battery design. Batteries mount side-by-side making visual confirmation of installation immediate for the user. Signal transfer from the microphone capsule is handled by mechanical connection and arrives at the A/D converter millimeters from the capsule resulting in superb vocal clarity while maintaining a high level of feedback rejection.

    Operating the system is incredibly simple: just power on and match the frequency of the transmitter to the receiver and you're ready to go. No gain switches or level parameters to adjust mean you're up an running with ease. Advanced users benefit from the inclusion of professional features including: Hi and Low RF power mode, user enabled Mute function, and lockout mode for the controls. All modes are accessed via the included custom back-lit LCD. For live performance and on-camera applications, the LCD automatically darkens a few seconds after setup. On the XDR4 receiver, real-time multi-color LEDs indicate overall system performance including: channel, RF signal, audio level, battery life at the transmitter, operating mode, and diversity status of the four internal receivers.

    The XDR-955 system has a working range of 300 feet under typical conditions and faithfully reproduces the full frequency response of the microphone capsule via the systems performance. Specifications include a frequency response of 10 — 20,000 Hz, ± .5 dB (half a dB or less) with a dynamic range of >118 dB, A-weighted, and a THD of <.03%.

    X2 Digital Wireless Systems, Inc. will officially launch its new revolutionary XDR-955 Handheld Digital Wireless Microphone at winter NAMM 2008 in Anaheim, CA.

    Prices start at $999, MSRP, including rackmounting hardware and front-mount antenna kit. Availability is set for the first quarter of 2008.

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