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    Yamaha's STAGEPAS PA Systems Shed Weight And Offer More Features

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    Yamaha's versatile STAGEPAS series of portable, yet powerful PA systems adds two new models, STAGEPAS 250M and STAGEPAS 150M. Like their highly praised counterparts, the STAGEPAS 500 and the STAGEPAS 300, the new models offer big, clear sound in a small package, along with numerous input options and easy-to-use operation.

    "The STAGEPAS 250M and 150M deliver remarkable sound quality when used as monitors, though the acoustic output is high enough to use for sound reinforcement," said Wayne Hrabak, marketing manager, Live Sound, Yamaha Pro Audio & Combo Division. "These are great all-purpose cabinets and performers and musicians of all types will welcome their light weight and high output."

    The STAGEPAS 250M and STAGESPAS 150M consist of a convenient, removable powered mixer and a speaker. They include twice as many microphone inputs as comparable compact PA systems on the market, along with more watts and less weight. The inclusion of a pole mount receptacle on the STAGEPAS 250M for stand mounting exemplifies Yamaha's attention to detail.

    Both models also include several useful features designed for keyboard players, in addition to the great sound. Instead of typical keyboard amps, which are modeled on guitar amplifiers and sit on the floor with the controls knee-high, the removable STAGEPAS mixer can be placed in an accessible spot during gigs, allowing for easy sound tweaking.

    In addition, a Stereo Link Out jack lets users connect to external amplifiers or powered loudspeakers and balanced ST SUB OUT lines link to a main mixer or recording device. Click Assign switches let performers listen to a click track through headphones or a monitor without intruding on the main mix, providing an excellent practice tool.

    The STAGEPAS 250M is ideal for schools, churches, corporate multimedia presentations, solo performers, keyboardists and small musical ensembles. Easy-to-use, even for those who do not consider themselves to be sound experts, the built-in, yet detachable powered mixer comes with 10 channels and pumps out 250 watts of power. Line outputs let users connect with additional powered speakers or send the signal to a main mixer or recording device.

    Capable of filling a relatively large club or room with sound, the STAGEPAS 250M also projects well outdoors. Among its advanced features, the powered mixer includes phantom power for condenser microphones, EQ and reverb, along with built-in compression/limiting controls, which helps tame unruly vocals and contributes to improved overall sound. The two-way, full-range speaker contains a 10-inch woofer and a one-inch titanium tweeter.

    The STAGEPAS 150M also has a two-way loudspeaker and an eight channel, 150-watt powered mixer, which includes built-in EQ and reverb. The eight-inch woofer and one-inch titanium tweeter provide a surprisingly clear source of sound. Line outputs are available to connect to external amps, mixers and recording devices.

    "Musicians and public speakers will appreciate the removable mixer, which puts all the controls within easy reach," said John Schauer, product manager, Live Sound. "And, clever routing in the mixers allows for easy feeds to a powerful headphone send, while balanced stereo line outputs provide a great way to get out to the main PA." The STAGEPAS 250M (MSRP: $699) and the STAGEPAS 150M (MSRP: $599) are available now.

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