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  • Yamaha Shipping Arius YDP160 AND YDP140 Digital Pianos

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    As the first instruments in Yamaha's line to use the Arius name, models YDP140 and YDP160 are highlighted by their enhanced Voice architecture and attractive wood-finish cabinets. The models' 88 weighted keys with graded action offer Yamaha's trademark playability and the remarkably realistic sound of a stereo-sampled Yamaha concert grand.

    "With 20 watts of amplification per side, 10 Voices and the premium response offered by Graded Hammer Effect weighted action keys, the new Arius YDP160 is enticing to pianists of all abilities," said Dane Madsen, marketing manager, Yamaha Digital Pianos. "And with many of the same core capabilities, the Arius YDP140 puts the emphasis on exceptional value, raising the bar for Yamaha's console pianos at the sub - $1,000 price point."

    Arius models feature an increased number of piano samples per-key over their YDP predecessors along with enhanced cabinetry. Both models' weighted action keys, rich timbre and attractive styling make them excellent choices for hobbyists and aspiring musicians who seek an invitingly playable instrument with a design that complements a classic home decor.

    The Arius YDP160 features ultra-responsive Yamaha Graded Hammer Effect (GHE) action, a step up from the YDP140's entry-level Grand Hammer Standard (GHS) keyboard. The YDP160 boasts a beautiful Dark Rosewood cabinet, already a hit on the YDP223, while the YDP140 updates the YDP213's black satin finish with an all-new, highly attractive Dark Alder wood grain finish. Padded benches are standard accessories on Arius pianos, and the YDP160's premium bench perfectly matches the instrument's Rosewood finish. Both models include a wood music rest, sliding key cover, pedal frame with three piano-style pedals and a modesty panel.

    While the duet-friendly twin headphone jacks are standard on both models, the YDP140 incorporates a high-efficiency 6W x 2 stereo amplifier for the two internal speakers. The 20W x 2 YDP160 has plenty of power to play loud and clear in even the largest of rooms, and both models include four types of reverb capable of making a small room sound as big as a concert hall.

    With onboard, single-song recording capabilities, the new Arius pianos capture note-for-note performances as a rehearsal tool or as a quick and easy musical scratch pad. The built-in "50 Greats for the Piano" songs will fill your home with music — whether or not there's someone sitting at the bench. Because both instruments include 64 Voice polyphony and MIDI connectivity, they can also be used for song archiving and score notation when connected to a home computer. The YDP160 includes ten different Voices ranging from Grand Piano to Vibraphone, compared to the YDP140's six select Voices.

    YDP160 (MSRP: $1,599)

    YDP140 (MSRP: $1,199)


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