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  • Virtual Electric Piano for Logic Coming

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    EVP88a.jpg EVP88b.jpg
    EVP88 Vintage Piano
    (Click either image for a close-up)

    Emagic is proud to announce the EVP88, a new software instrument for use with the Logic Audio series.

    The EVP88 provides users of Logic Audio Platinum, Gold, Silver and MicroLogic AV with the highly sought after sounds from legendary electric pianos such as the Fender Rhodes Mark I&II Suitcase and Stage series, the Wurlitzer Electric Piano 200A and the Hohner Electra Piano.

    The uniquely identifiable,warm tone of these instruments has built an enduring reputation that entices musicians to this day. Over the last few decades,the electric piano has played a central role in music of all types, from jazz and funk, to rock and dance.

    Sound Generation

    While these vintage originals produce their sounds electromechanically, the EVP88 digitally produces astonishingly accurate replications,via native real-time tone generation. Herbie Hancock was amazed when he tried out the EVP88 for the first time. "This Rhodes has been done so well!" he commented. "You can hear every bit of the Rhodes sound, even the overtones from the tines in the background, just like a true Rhodes. Harold Rhodes recently passed away and I am sure he would be very happy to hear what Emagic has done with his sound."

    The EVP88 does not just statically recreate an instrument's tonal characteristics,as would be the case with samples. Rather, it expressively reacts to the player's every nuance with impressive realism. Not only this, but the architecture of the EVP88 is so flexible that it can also reproduce the classic,purely electronic piano sounds of instruments such as the Yamaha GS1. Like its hardware predecessors,the EVP88 can be played with full polyphony over a range of 88 notes, with 88 voices.

    Effects Section

    An extensive effects section ensures that the unique qualities of the original vintage instruments are reproduced as accurately as possible. A key element of the effects section is the 2 band EQ for bass and treble manipulation, based on Emagic's renowned FatEQ. The distortion circuit with intensity and tone controls gives the sound the right bite. A Phaser and Tremolo lend further warmth and animation to the basic sounds.Both have an adjustable stereophase control to help create a broad spectrum of stereo effects, while the variable intensity Chorus adds a final shimmer.

    Modifying Tonal Characteristics

    It doesn't require a tool kit to change the tonal characteristics of the EVP88. Simply set the Decay and Release time to suit, and emphasize the Bell or fade in Damper noises as required. For a sound that's even closer to the original, the EVP88's intonation can be further contoured with the Stretched Tuning Curve and Warmth controls. Additionally, the stereo spread can also be quickly modi fied.

    Pricing and availability

    Price:$199.00 MSRP.

    The EVP88 will be available in February 2001.

    The EVP88 requires a previously installed Logic Audio Platinum,Gold, Silver or MicrLogic AV, version 4.x and upwards.

    Key Features


    • Fully polyphonic over 88 notes with 88 voices (CPU dependent)
    • Native tone generation with 6 different electric piano models: Fender Rhodes Suitcase MkI,Fender Rhodes Stage Piano Mk I, Fender Rhodes Stage Piano Mk II,Wurlitzer Electric Piano 200A, Hohner Electra Piano,Yamaha GS1.More in preparation
    • High quality,extensive effects section with comprehensive modulation options.
    • Retro-style,ergonomic user interface
    • Sample accurate timing
    • Integration within Logic Audio's digital mixer with access to all effects plug-ins
    • Full automation and total recall
    • The EVP88 requires a previously installed Logic Audio Platinum, Gold, Silver or MicroLogic AV,version 4.x and upwards.

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