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    Korg Announces Expanded N5 Keyboard

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    Korg USA announces the introduction of the 61-note N5EX, an expanded version of the company's popular N5 Synthesizer, priced the same as its predecessor. The new keyboard employs Korg's AI2 Synthesis System, a technology used in many of the company's professional instruments, and provides 18Mb of PCM ROM, 1710 sounds, 64-voice polyphony and 32-part multi-timbrality.

    The N5EX provides 1,269 individual sound programs (100 of which are RAM), 402 combinations (100 RAM), and 39 drumkits. It also contains a wide selection of 563 multi-samples and 304 drum samples- many of which are high-quality samples from Korg's legendary TRINITY and SGproX keyboards. A stunning new stereo sampled piano is featured, as well as electric pianos, vintage piano and drum samples (including enhanced bass drum and snare drum sounds). In addition, two completely independent, digital stereo multi-effects units with 48 types of effects, such as resonance filter, chorus, delay and rotary speaker are provided. For added expression, the N5EX has pitch bend, velocity, a modulation wheel, and aftertouch. Polyphony on the N5EX is 64 notes in single mode and 32 note in double mode. The N5EX can also function as a 32 channel multi-timbral tone generator.

    The N5EX includes full GM support along with GS* and XG* compatible sound maps, allowing it to play back all types of commercially available MIDI file data. The PC interface connector lets the player connect the N5EX to a computer with just a single optional cable, a great convenience for song production using sequencer software or any other computer music applications.

    A powerful Performance mode provides front panel controls for dynamic, analog-style control in real-time: VDFA Attack/Release Time, VDF Cutoff, and Effects Dynamic Modulation. A wide selection of additional parameters can be assigned to these knobs, allowing users to configure the N5EX to meet their needs.

    The N5EX's front panel also has switches for polyphonic portamento, as well as those for layering or splitting programs and combinations. The built-in arpeggiator (which can be synchronized with and external sequencer using MIDI Clock) provides 20 types of preset patterns. Up to 32 "performances" can be stored in internal memory, enabling total setups (splits, layers and all panel settings) to be recalled instantly while the N5EX is being played. In addition, for studio and live performance situations, the N5EX's MIDI Start/Stop switch can be used to control an external sequencer. A large 144 x 40-pixel full-graphic backlit LCD display (which can be switched from amber to green) provides instant display of LFO waveforms, bar graphs, pan, level, keyboard diagrams and more. In Performance mode, sixteen types of icons provide instant visual confirmation of the functions of the N5EX's controller knobs.

    The N5EX is currently available, and has a list price of $1,099.00 It also comes bundled with a special dual platform CD-ROM containing Mark of the Unicorn's Freestyle LE sequencing and Unisyn N1/N5 editing software.

    *GS is a registered trademark of Roland Corporation.

    *XG is a registered trademark of Yamaha Corporation.

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