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  • Generalmusic Announces WK2HD Keyboard

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    Generalmusic's GEM World Keyboard Series evolution continues with the introduction of the WK2HD Arranger Keyboard.

    The WK2HD features 61 keys with MIDI aftertouch, 32-note polyphony and 16-part multi-timbrality. A library of 444 high quality sounds is available for all different types of music. A total of 16 sounds may be loaded into 16 independent Direct Sound Memory presets for instant recall at the touch of a button, while a total of 63 Real Time Performances, which combine sounds, effects, styles and global settings, can also be accessed via a single button. Furthermore, the keyboard may be programmed to feature a split, and two sounds may be layered together to produce new sounds.

    A total of 96 different ROM-based styles are available, each with 10 immediately recallable variations per style, yielding a total of 960 Single Touch Play settings. Like Direct Sound Memory, 16 styles may be saved on 16 Direct Style Memory buttons for immediate access. Eight user style locations are additionally available to store favorite styles, which are retained even when the keyboard is switched off.

    The WK2HD makes use of a new feature known as Real Audio Synchro Style (RASS). RASS integrates sample grooves (audio files) into the styles of the WK2HD greatly enhancing the musicality and feel of real time playing. As the style speed is changed, the sample automatically adapts to the new beats -per-minute (bpm), not by changing the playback speed, but by actually goingslower or faster like a real drummer or percussionist, maintaining the same feel as the original. With RASS, it is also possible to add guitar phrases, vocal backgrounds and other "tuned samples" which will follow the chord changes at any desired speed.

    A video out (RGB - S/VHS - PAL/NTSC enables the WK2HD to project song scores and lyrics in Karaoke format on a monitor or other video device equipped with a Video In connector.

    The WK2HD's internal hard disk is capable of storing thousands of songs, styles and performances, all of which are immediately accessible. This internal hard disk comes preloaded with over 200 songs and more than 100 new styles.

    With an optional Audio Interface, a vocalist can patch in a microphone and add up to four harmony vocals, digital effects and equalization to his OF her voice in real time. The harmonies follow the chords being played on the keyboard. The Audio Interface also enables the keyboard to sample sounds from external sources.

    For rapid recording possibilities and surprising results, musicians can compose up to seven song styles by chaining existing styles, saving everything to a floppy disk or, thanks to an 80,000 MIDI event capacity, load up to seven songs (16 tracks) in the internal memory. The "Direct From Disk"/Hard Disk function offers the possibility of playing back disk-based songs without loading the data to memory, while the "Play All Songs" feature plays back all songs on disk, one after another.

    The operating system of the WK2HD is stored in flash memory This allows the keyboard to be upgraded with new features via floppy disk (720Kb/1.44Mb format) or free download from: www.generalmusic.com/upgrade.

    Rear-panel connections on the WK2HD include stereo out, computer host, two headphones, video out, volume pedal, damper pedal, programmable pedal and three MIDI ports. An optional connection kit is available to connect the WK2HD to a host computer without using a MIDI interface.

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