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    Access Announces Virus Keyboard

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    (Click for a close-up)

    Access Electronics announced a new bigger brother to their Virus desktop unit - the Virus kb, which will include version 2.5 of the Virus operating system.

    The Virus kb features 61 keys with a faster DSP engine than the first Virus. This gives it 16 voices, rather than just 12. For the most part however, it is just like the original Virus with 32 knobs, running the same operating system.

    The list price for the Virus kb is 3690 DM.


    • 512 Singles, 128 Multi Patches
    • 16 voices
    • 16-way multimode
    • 2 oscillators, sub oscillator, ring modulator, noise generator per voice
    • Sawtooth, variable pulse, sing, triangle wave, plus 62 additional spectral waves, sync, FM
    • 2 independent filters; serial, parallel; lowpass, highpass, bandpass, bandstop; up to 6 poles (36dB) per voice
    • Saturation unit per voice with multiple distortion/shaper characteristics and variable gain
    • 2 ADSTR envelopes
    • 3 LFOs per voice with 68 waveforms, envelope operating mode, and real tempo-sync to MIDI clock
    • Modulation matrix with 27 sources and 90 destinations
    • Independent chorus/flanger for each of the 16 multi parts with stereo processing
    • Stereo delay effect with individual effect sends and synth to MIDI clock
    • Innovative 32-band vocoder with macro controlling
    • 6 individual outputs (3 stereo composites), 2 audio inputs (mono and stereo processing)
    • 24-Bit processing; 24-bit D/A converters, 18-bit A/D converters
    • Flexible internal routing for processing external and internal signals and effects via the filters, amplifiers, and effects of other voices
    • 16 independent arpeggiators
    • Unison mode
    • Global master clock that drives all arpeggiators, LFOs, and delay; automatic sync to MIDI clock
    • Complete parameter control via MIDI with adaptive control smoothing for soft parameter changes
    • 32 knobs, 30 buttons, 62 LEDs
    • 7 edit buttons for parameter acccess
    • 2 freely definable panel controllers
    • System update via MIDI for added features in the future
    • 61-key light weighted keyboard, note-on/off velocity, aftertouch, pitch bend, modwheel, 2 switch/control pedals
    • Weight: 13 kg, Dimensions: 993 x 352 x 102 mm


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