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  • New Acoustic Guitars from Dana Bourgeois

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    The DRA (left) and JR-A (right) Artisan guitars.
    Dana Bourgeois, one of the United States premier luthiers, has announced the release of the Artisan Series Guitars. The Artisan Series Guitars reflect all the impeccable attention given to his Luthier Series guitars, yet at affordable prices. List prices for both models of the Artisan Series Guitars in the United States are $1995.00 and include wooden hardshell cases.

    Fine guitarists such as Ricky Skaggs, Bryan Sutton, Martin Simpson, Stephen Bruton, Sean Watkins, Tim Stafford, Dan Tyminski, Andy York, Elliot Easton, Pat Bergeson, and many other influential guitarists play Dana Bourgeois Guitars to get the sound that is right- whether it be the studio or on tour.

    The new Artisan Series Guitars, built in Lewiston, Maine, are available in the Dreadnought (DRA) and the Jumbo Orchestra Model (JR-A) body designs. Both guitars feature all solid wood construction that includes spruce soundboards, Indian Rosewood back/sides, fingerboards, and bridges. The guitars are then finished with the same high-gloss lacquer finish that goes on the Bourgeois Luthier Series Guitars. As with all Dana Bourgeois Guitars, every Artisan Series Guitar features the asymmetrical braced top that is voiced by Dana Bourgeois. The guitars also feature the Dana Bourgeois bolt-on neck that has become the standard neck attachment method for all premier American hand-made guitars.

    While both Artisan Series Guitars are designed for all styles of music from the volume and punch needed to play bluegrass to the most delicate tones of newage music, the Jumbo Orchestra Model (JR-A) is extremely balanced for fingerstyle and in all recording situations.

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