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  • Roger Linn Design Releases AdrenaLinn III Effects Processor

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    Roger Linn Design recently released their new effects processor, AdrenaLinn III.

    Like its predecessor, AdrenaLinn III provides a superb guitar modeler plus a wide variety of unique modulation and delay effects—including innovative looped filter sequences—all in synch to the built-in programmable drum machine or MIDI. The new model adds reverb, compression, tuner, enhanced modulation effects and brings the number of amp models up to 40 (including 4 bass amps) with improved tube emulation, presence and tonal accuracy.

    New MIDI enhancements permit control of nearly all settings from MIDI foot switches and expression pedals, and the functions of the 2 panel foot switches may now be reassigned. User presets and drumbeats are doubled to 200 each and come filled with inspiring new examples of why this unique idea-creation box has earned the praise of Eric Clapton, John Mayer and many others.

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