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  • Wizoo Releases Platinum24 Drum Sample CDs

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    Previously, only Steinberg LM4 owners enjoyed access to the striking sounds archived in Wizoo's 24-bit Drum Library. This has changed with the first two CDs of Wizoo's new Platinum24 Series. Now these great sounds are accessible on all samplers that support the Akai-S1000 format.

    The Acoustic Drums CD features 40 drum kits, including percussion and reverb kits (Lexicon 480L). Using a 16-way microphone setup, all instruments were recorded digitally in 24-bit format. The outcome is stunning - to date unrivalled spatial depth and transparency. With up to 20 dynamic levels per instrument, these sounds enable detailed drum programming - even the subtlest tweaking is now possible.

    The focus of the Electronic Drums CD is on Roland's classic TR-808 and TR-909, still among the most vital instruments in electronic music. Here too, all sounds were recorded in 24-bit format to assure maximum punch and transparency. Putting a palette of sonic colors into the hands of musicians, the diverse TR instruments were treated to a bevy of variations in sound and dynamics as well as hip effects processing (including 480L kits).

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