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  • Puremagnetik Releases Analog Drums

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    Puremagnetik has released Analog Drums for Ableton Live 8, KONTAKT, and Logic. Analog Drums is a collection of percussives captured from modular analog systems and includes an assortment of expertly programmed multi-sample kits and looped clips. From subby 808 style kicks to dramatic pitch enveloped hits and squelchy filtered noises, Analog Drums contains a huge grab bag of material. Produced entirely on Doepfer, LiveWire, and MFB equipment, this Micropak was designed to pump the modern DAW full of real analog diodes, resistors, and transformers. Analog Drums includes 5 'base' kits alongside a selection of looped clips. The Ableton Live version includes a detailed programming of drum racks employing Live 8's latest features. Each kit is paired with a selection of MIDI based Live Clips for extensive editing capabilities or simple drag-and-drop song production. The Logic version of Analog Drums includes all 5 kits, multiple variation kits and channel strips. A library of 50 SIAL (Software Instrument Audio Loops) Apple Loops is also included. Analog Drums for KONTAKT includes the 5 'base' kits, each one programmed with a custom KSP GUI for fast tweaking and parameter adjustment. The library of 50 Apple Loops can easily be integrated into any KONTAKT track, automatically time-syncing to your master session tempo. Analog Drums Includes

    • An extensive sample library of percussives in various timbres and modulations
    • Comprehensive native Ableton Live 8 support
    • A library of 50 looped clips
    • A collection of 5 'base' kits and variations (some variations excluded from the Kontakt version)
    • Custom KSP GUI for KONTAKT

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