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  • New Sample CD Features Aerosmith Drummer

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    Audio Icons Inc., a new manufacturer of digital software specializing in digital loop and sample libraries has announced their first release, Drum Loops and Samples by Aerosmith's Joey Kramer.  Distributed by EastWest, Audio Icons intends to bring a new celebrity breed to this medium of recording technology by introducing to the marketplace product primarily created by audio Legends.  

    With over 60% of all music created digitally today, Audio Icons allows novice and professional end users to play and compose music with Aerosmith's Joey Kramer's innovative Loop library, license free.  This brings to the consumer an idea that, up until now, has only been realized primarily with session musicians.  

    With Audio Icons, anyone who aspires to create their own music can now interact with one of rock's most famous and influential drummers.  The user can load the selected drum samples into their computer or sampler choosing tempos, grooves, fills, and cut and paste them to their liking.  They can then play other instruments live or MIDI on top of the drums, record sections, overdubs and create until their heart's content.  The process is endless.  

    Additionally, Audio Icons is releasing the product in the Multi-Track Format, unlike 2-track audio CDs, which are left and right stereo.  This allows the user to control all of the drums as they were originally recorded on their individual tracks and incorporates Joey's drum work as if he was recording specifically for your needs.  

     Drum Loops and Samples is available in the dual audio CD package, as well as the 10-CD set, which includes the 2 audio CDs and 8 multi-track CDs.  Wav files can also be purchased separately and converted to the desired software format to fit the needs of the user.

    Drum Loops and Samples by Aerosmith's Joey Kramer hits the streets this month and will be available at all major musical instrument dealers, soundsonline.com and audioicons.com.

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