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    Clavia introduces the ddrum4 Mega Drumkits Signature Series sound library for their ddrum4 electronic drum system. This first batch of ddrum4 Mega Drumkits Signature Series holds exclusive multisampled sounds recorded in studios with Mel Gaynor (Simple Minds), Martin Stoeck (Pur, Peter Hofmann and more) and Chris Pfannschmidt (programmer and producer).

    The ddrum4 Mega Drumkits Signature Series are carefully built up by a vast number of samples to catch every nuance from an acoustic drum. Whether it's a kick drum, snare or tom sound, each instrument will give you what you need throughout the whole dynamic range. Thanks to the superb dynamic range and the fast triggering response of the ddrum4 system, the sound of the new ddrum4 Mega Drumkits Signature Series is much closer to acoustic drums than ever before.

    The ddrum4 Mega Drumkits Signature Series are available for download to all ddrum4 users, free of charge.

    The ddrum4 electronic drum system

    The ddrum4 system is built around the ddrum4 sound module and can be controlled from ddrum4 Cast Precision Pads, ddrum4 Cast Cymbal and Cast Hi-hat pads and ddrum Triggers. The ddrum4 system offers the market's fastest trig response times and extremely natural dynamics, essential features when it comes to playability and feeling. The ddrum4 brains offers a large flash memory, to which you can download ddrum4 samples and your own MIDI SDS samples at any time. Clavia also offers free download of ddrum4 samples from the constantly growing sound library at their web site.

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