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  • Mapex Introduces Tornado Starter Drum Kit

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    Mapex Drums is introducing a new five-piece starter drumset called Tornado. Designed with entry-level players in mind, Tornado kits include hardware, cymbals and a throne. All Tornado drumsets are backed by the Mapex warranty.

    Tornado kits are manufactured exclusively in Mapex's own wholly-owned manufacturing facility, which also builds the company's high-end drums. Tornado drum shells are made from genuine basswood and the kit features double braced hardware. All Tornado kits also include a stainless steel snare drum and are available in burgundy and black.

    The 5-piece Tornado is offered in two different configurations. TN5224TC includes a 22" bass drum, 10", 12" and 14" floor toms, a steel snare, a throne, snare and hi-hat stand, pedal, 14" hi hats and 16" crash cymbals all with an MSRP of $499. TN5225TC offers the same set up with the addition of a boom stand and an 18" crash/ride cymbal for $539.

    The second configuration, TN5254TC includes larger toms of 12", 13" and 16" at an MSRP of $499; TN5255TC with larger toms, an additional boom stand and an 18" crash/ride cymbal carries an MSP of $539.

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