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  • Mapex Drum Company Announces MPX Hammered Steel Snare Drums

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    Mt.  Juliet, TN…July 12, 2012 – The Mapex Drum Company announced the  availability of a new series of MPX Hammered Steel shell snare drums.  The Hammered Steel series offers three sizes to fit all musical styles.  The Hammered Steel series  will be available exclusively through authorized Mapex dealers  worldwide. 

    Mapex MPX Hammered Steel Snare Drums
    The  MPX Hammered Steel shell delivers the power and the crack needed to cut  through all music styles. From grace notes to power rim shots, this  Mapex MPX hammered snare is a must for your collection.

    • 1mm Steel shell brings a new level of performance, tone, and intensity to all music styles.
    • These three sizes cover all of the drummers needs from a 12” x 5” side snare, a 14” x 5.5” main snare and a big 14” x 6.5”.
    • The hammering makes the shell a little dryer sounding while maintaining a good, solid metallic crack.
    • 1.5 Steel Hoops increase response and resonance.
    • Remo UX Coated top head, and Remo UX Clear bottom head.



    Model #               Dimensions
    MPST4658H        14” x 6.5”
    MPST4558H        14” x 5.5”
    MPST2506H        12” x 05”
    For more information on the MPX Hammered Steel Snare Drums:

    To find your nearest Mapex dealer: http://usa.mapexdrums.com/dealers

    Mapex  products are hand built and hand assembled by the artisans at its  wholly owned factory. The people at Mapex have earned a distinguished reputation for designing, engineering and  building the highest quality acoustic drums. In fact, Mapex is one of  the only companies of its kind to have earned ISO9001 certification -  the world's standard for manufacturing excellence.

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