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  • GrooveMasters Drums Sample CDs Released

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    The GrooveMasters Drums sampling-CD from Mzone and Dublab Productions has just been released as a double AKAI S1000 CDROM set, compatible with most modern samplers and PC & Mac sample-players. Mads Michelsen, one of Denmark's most experienced drummers, has filled these 2 CD's with nearly 1GB of true stereo acoustic drum loops & hits.

    On CD-1 you'll find drum loops and fills (one or two bars each). In total there are more than 900 loops featuring a huge choice of kit sounds. Each loop is available in several variations, with and without bass drum, with cymbals, hi-hat only, etc. They are presented in fixed and free tempo; the fixed section is played to a click, the free-tempo loops are played without.

    CD-2 gives you more than 650 single hits, at hard to soft velocities, with complete samples of 3 entire drum kits and cymbals. The styles, for both discs, are divided into Rock, Rock & Roll, Shuffle, Straight, Disco, and Mixed, but you'll also find R&B stylings, brush patterns, classic-rock grooves, roots/reggae rhythms, and much more.

    The CDs were recorded to analog tape to give a tight, warm quality. The mics used include the Shure SM57, Neumann U 87, U 47, and U 69, Sennheiser 441, and AKG "The Tube" and D112, among others. These have been sent through a selection of solid-state and tube compressors, and a Calrec mixing board, to an Otari MTR100 deck and Ampex 499 tape. A TC Electronics M5000 A/D converter was used to transfer to DAT.

    Also included is an FX section containing loops treated with phasers, flangers, and vintage amps, such as a Gibson Jazz guitar amp, an Eventide H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer, or a TC Electronics 1210 processor for the delay and phasing effects.

    GrooveMasters - Drums is part of a whole new series of sample CDs featuring integrated grooves and multisamples of high quality that are 100% license free.


    Available as a double AUDIO CD or as a CD-ROM in the AKAI S1000 format (which is also compatible with the Emu EOS operating system).

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