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  • Carbonlite Products Introduces Lightweight Carbon Fiber Drum Racks

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    Carbonlite Products has announced the introduction of new Carbonlite carbon fiber drum racks for players of drum sets and percussion. Carbonlite racks feature tubing molded from high strength carbon fiber composite materials. The carbon fiber tubing is less than one-quarter the weight of steel tubing for ease of break down and transporting from gig to gig. Players will have all the advantages of traditional drum rack systems- compact footprint, consistent positioning, and speed of setup- at up to 50% less weight. The tubing also has a "high-tech" carbon fiber weave finish with a slip-resistant surface that will not dent or rust. The Carbonlite tubing has a proprietary construction designed specifically to achieve the rack weight and stiffness requirements. "I have been a firm believer in racks instead of individual stands for a number

    of years," says Tim Greene, company founder and drummer. "The biggest drawback has always been the weight. I have been involved in developing lightweight carbon fiber products for other industries, and decided to apply my experience in carbon fiber composites to the design of drum rack tubing." High performance carbon fiber materials are used in products ranging from aerospace parts to kayak paddles and bicycle frames.

    Carbonlite rack systems are available in several standard configurations, and can be produced to custom requirements. The carbon fiber tubing is also available separately, and will fit standard 1.5" diameter rack clamps.

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