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  • Beta Monkey Releases New Blues Drum Loops

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    Developed for traditional and contemporary blues projects, Drum Werks XXIII  offers a wide variety of classic blues drum loops and delivers a variety of authentic shuffle and 12/8 groove feels. This collection of blues drums will inspire your music, whether you are  looking for traditional blues styles or more contemporary ones.


    Get the grooves that defines all the blues greats. Whether you're inspired by traditional blues stylings of Robert Johnson, Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker, B. B. King or go for a more rock-infused  Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton or Joe Bonamassa vibe, these greasy  pocket grooves will build the the foundation of your next blues project  and inspire you with a feel that can only be played by a veteran bluesman. With a wide span of tempos from 45 bpm to 140 bpm  and all tempos and feels in-between, Drum Werks XXIII will deliver the  no-nonsense authentic blues inspiration your music needs.


    If you're serious about the blues and need true blues inspiration, Drum Werks XXIII is your new source of bluesy drum goodness, the roots of the blues, with fat backbeats, a wealth of fills, and more. Powerful sounds, powerful grooves. Drum Werks XXIII will  inspire the passion of the blues and take it back home.


    Available in 16-bit and 24-bit WAV and APPLE LOOPS formats.


    Drum Werks XXIII: Blues Features:


    ●  Versatile Mix of Blues Drum Styles: Whether you need no-nonsense 12/8, shuffles, Charleston shuffles and other shuffle variants, Drum Werks XXIII will bring out your inner bluesman. Grooves sets ranging from 45 BPM to 145 BPM will deliver authentic live blues feels.


    ●  Fully-Sampled Drum and Cymbal Samples: A  multi-velocity samples of a Yamaha Recording Custom drum kit as well as matching Sabian cymbals is included. Augment the loops to create new  drum patterns or create new grooves in your virtual instrument of choice.


    ●  Superior Rhythmic Realism: Live, studio grooves with the feel that only a seasoned drummer can deliver. Drum Werks XXIII also features longer loops - 4, 8, 16 bars. Longer phrasings = more realistic drum tracks.


    ●  Cohesive Groove Sets: Often duplicated but never as good as the original. Beta Monkey set the  standard for single recording session sample libraries. Combine and mix all loops  seamlessly, giving musicians  the ultimate in consistency for small and  large projects alike.


    ●  High-End Production: With gold and platinum experience behind the kit and console, Drum Werks XXI delivers the quality your music deserves. Part of our L.A. Returns Sessions.


    Visit Beta Monkey Music at www.betamonkeymusic.com/Blues.html for free previews and to order.

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