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  • Tech 21 Announces New Pedal for Bassists

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    Bass players are don't have nearly as many tools to choose from compared to guitar players, but Tech 21 hasn't forgotten you. After developing the SansAmp Bass Driver DI, Tech 21 now introduces a new compact pedal for the both the recording and gigging bassist that provides compression and active tone controls - the BassCompactor.

    So, What Does It Do?

    For live performances and in the studio, you can get all the compression you need, from as little as 1:1 all the way to 15:1. Even when the compression is at minimum, the Bass Compactor limits harsh, transient peaks and evens out your signal--no matter how hard you spank or slap. With convenient EQ controls, you can quickly dial up a great sound. You can make any passive bass instantly active--saving the expense and anxiety of hacking chunks of wood out of your favorite bass to permanently install a pre-amp. With active basses, you'll have greater flexibility with pre- and post-compression EQ.

    The 100% analog design delivers warm, natural tone. Unlike passive controls that can only cut, these dual-band active controls cut or boost 12dB. This powerful EQ section effectively reduces the need for a typical fixed frequency mid control, and it enables you to achieve an extensive variety of curves--including a "mid-cut" as well as a "mid-boost." The high impedance F.E.T.-based input is exceptionally responsive to your playing style... jazz, funk, blues, or good old rock 'n roll.

    What Else Does It Do?

    You can turn the compression off and solely kick in up to 6dB of clean boost. Bring up the volume without altering the tone... which is particularly handy during the guitar solo, or when it's your turn to be in the spotlight.

    The Bass Compactor's design gives you the option of using just the compression, just the EQ, or, of course, both together. Noise reduction is thoughtfully built right into the circuitry. You can record direct, or use it in conjunction with any type of amp.

    The list price for the Bass Compactor is $125.

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