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  • Sonart Audio Presents TRUMPET Virtual Instruments Collection

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    The Sonart Audio TRUMPET Collection features over 5,150 24bit samples & 144 Patches (Kontakt 1, Kontakt 2.3 + KSP, EXS24, GIGA, HALION, SF2-REASON, WAV). More than 3.3 GB of New Trumpet Sounds!

    Multiformat Download Pack


    NI Kontakt 2.3+KSP

    EXS 24






    System Requirements:


    TRUMPET System Requirements — PC

    • 1.3Ghz CPU Pentium 4 or equivalent
    • 512 Mb RAM
    • 3.3 GB free hard drive space


    TRUMPET System Requirements — Macintosh

    • Macintosh G4 1Ghz CPU
    • 512 Mb RAM
    • 3.3 GB free hard drive space
    • Mac OS


    An audio demo can be heard at: http://sonart.cc/audio_demos_2/sonart_audio__trumpet/Sonart_Audio_Trumpet.mp3

    The TRUMPET Virtual Instruments Collection costs $29.99 and is available for immediate download.

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