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  • Garritan Announces Personal Orchestra 4th Edition

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    Garritan today announced a new edition of its Garritan Personal Orchestra ® product. The company announced a 4th Edition of Garritan Personal Orchestra that now contains the Garritan ARIA sample engine and adds new features, new instrument sounds, updated programming and a lower price. The new edition will be demonstrated during the show at the NAMM convention.

    Garritan Personal Orchestra is an award-winning high-quality orchestral library that has become the industry standard. It has developed an enthusiastic following for its ability to create realistic sounding orchestral music quickly and easily. Garritan Personal Orchestra 4th Edition includes all the major instruments of the orchestra - strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion and keyboards plus quality instruments such as a Steinway® grand piano, Stradivari violin (with new controllable vibrato), select Project SAM solo and section brass samples (new for this version), concert harps, celesta, concert pipe organ, and many other fine instruments. Personal Orchestra allows you to make ensembles of any size from the individual instruments, ranging from groups of a few instruments to a full symphony orchestra.

    The collection comes integrated with the ARIA Player, Garritan's powerful new 64-bit Sampler/Synthesis Engine, developed in collaboration with Plogue Art et Technologie Inc. There is no need to purchase a separate sampler. The ARIA engine and Garritan soundware has been rigorously industry tested and are widely used in products by Microsoft, SONY, AKAI, MakeMusic (Finale) and other industry leaders. Garritan Personal Orchestra is Mac and PC compatible, either as a standalone program or as a plug-in (VSTi, Pro Tools RTAS, and OSX Audio Units). Registered users of previous editions of the Garritan Personal Orchestra will be able to download the new edition for only $49.

    Garritan Personal Orchestra 4th Edition is programmed to work with Finale 2009, Sibelius 5, AKAI wind controllers and other popular music applications. Intuitive controls allow you to become familiar with the library quickly and master all the instruments easily. Garritan Personal Orchestra enables you to express your musical ideas with minimal effort.

    Take the sounds of a symphony orchestra anywhere, anytime - in the studio, on the beach, in a plane, or anywhere you can take your PC or Mac, your laptop or netbook computer. Whether a professional film composer who needs to produce orchestral mockups on the road or capture ideas at a moments notice on a netbook, a hobbyist who wants to create great sounding orchestral music, an educator, or composer or performer, or a student studying the art of orchestration -- Garritan Personal Orchestra provides the tools to create excellent sounding orchestrations, with ease, flexibility, and at a price that won't break the bank.

    Pricing: New Suggested Retail price: $149.00 $49 downloadable upgrade for existing users

    Availability: Shortly after the NAMM show, as a download.

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