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Why the guitar is a complex instument to Learn

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  • Why the guitar is a complex instument to Learn

    Have you ever wondered how many different ways you could play one simple chord?
    To satisfy my curiosity I wrote a program to generate all possible combinations of a chord you enter into the software.
    I have attached a pdf file of the output from the program for the C major chord. In the first 15 frets there are 858 chords.
    On a 24 fret guitar the program shows there are 1152 possible combinations but I had to cut the list short because of the upload limitations on this forum.

    The way I did this was to include the open strings and a span of 4 frets which is all most guitar players can reach on the fret board.

    I did not attach the program here because of the size of the executable file. However I would be willing to make it available to any one who needs a more comprehensive
    listing of chords than is available from online software which typically show just a few examples of each chord. It is a simple console application run from the windows command line and
    fairly straight forward to use.

    Have fun playing and learning!
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