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    I found this Alcivar sixty-something strat copy on a local webpage for sale. The seller pretends that these lawsuit models were made for the Canadian market by Ibanez during the seventies and early eighties... I haven't seen the guitar in person yet, but the darn thing looks good and sports the right woods / feature combination; alder body, maple neck, truss rod adjustable from underneath the pickguard, etc. Being a japanese-copy fan (I currently own a 1986 Tokai Love Rock LS-80), I admit I'm tempted to make a move but...

    ANY INFO IN REGARDS TO ALCIVAR ELECTRIC GUITARS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED... for there are none on the Web that I know about...

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    I have an Alcivar strat that I purchased in 1976 from a musical instruments store in Chatham Ontario Canada. I've played this guitar most of my life and really love it. I've had several pro's play it and say that they couldn't tell it from a Fender except for the name printed on it.