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Digitech Vocalist Live 3: Problems

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  • Digitech Vocalist Live 3: Problems

    Hey oft there,

    i got a used Vocalist Live 3 since yesterday.
    But i got a Problem, or just a question.

    My Harmony Setting is:
    a third above, and a this below.
    Just for trying it.

    It Sounds ok.

    Now with the Guitar:
    it doesnt matter wich chord i Play, it always Sounds the Same.
    What am i doing wrong?

    it Sounds like it is Fits on One key...

    i just tried the Same, like the fist example in the Poster Video, But it doesnt Sounds like that, because the Harmony doesnt Change on my vocals.

    Can someone help me??
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    Are you certain you connected your guitar to the input of the pedal? It has a level control and signal light, you want to run this as hot as possible without staying in the red. The pedal is designed to connect to your guitar first, then use the Guitar out to your amp, mixer, pedalboard, etc. You will need to tune your guitar using the VL3 tuner. This will verify that you are getting guitar signal into the VL3 for harmony processing.

    Are you saying that you hear the harmony voices, but they don't change with chord? Sing an "ooooh" sound over any major chord, like G, then change to G minor - you should hear the 3rd above change pitch.