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Mesa boogie triaxis with rocktron midi mate

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  • Mesa boogie triaxis with rocktron midi mate

    I'm just not figuring out how to program these to work with each other, I've dismissed both manuals but I must be a midi idiot. Can't find info on web or youtube on how to program these to work together, so frustrating. Any one here use this set up our have advise? I also have the rocktron repiflex too but I'll hold of on that mix

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    I use a triaxis and midi mate and just plugged and played. But I don't program (or haven't) on different midi channels. I generally just have them one to one so if something broke (the midimate) I wouldn't have to reprogram a tone of channel commands.

    Both of the manufactures have online manuals. I've consulted both of them online.


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      I found it pretty easy to use the MIDI Mate with my Triaxis. Assuming you have the MIDI Mate plugged into the MIDI IN port on the Triaxis and a power supply connected to the MIDI Mate, it shouldn't be too difficult.

      I believe I have them both set to MIDI channel 4. I set my MIDI Mate to CONTROL mode. The bottom five bottons on the MIDI Mate should instantly bring up the first five patches on the Triaxis.

      Now, realizing this is a VERY old thread, has anyone gotten info on the MIDI Raider by Rocktron from NAMM 2012? It looks like a cheaper version of the All Access to me.