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  • Eventise eclipse and logic

    Anybody using these together.i'm in a batt.e with my bank account on whether to buy the axe 2(not sure if i want all those amp models),or buy an eclipse.

    Mostly to be used in my home studio,tho im sure to pair it up with an rjm mastermind gt when released,for mostly guitar and vokill fx.for my own recordings.not gonna be producing others.

    Just wondering how the eclipse works within logic,how to set it up,what connections need to be made.i understand a wet guitar signal thru my apogee duet set to instrument.a pitch shifted octave down vokill effect with duet set to mic.

    But can the eclipse be used as a plugin,or i/o in the channel?

    Would i not use duet at all?

    Eclipse as a mixing tool to add reverb or an effect to an already recorded vokill or guitar track?

    I also have m audio axiom pro 49,would,should that be used as a mide programmer?

    Obviously an fx noob,any help greatly appreciated.
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