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    Here is some pics of my gear in action this Sat.  Weather was perfect.  A few thousand showed up.

    First pic is opener, then bluegrass, into rock at night.  

    EAW tops and JBL bottoms loaded with RCF.   Xover at 250hz.  

    The bluegrass band used a large diaphram Audio Technica central mic with Shure pencil condensors on each side of the center mic. 

    No feedback, and plenty of headroom.

    The system performed well for the area covered.




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    Nice. For me, the urge to turn on the splashpad under the crowd woulda been overwhelming. ;-)

    Where the Mississippi River runs west...


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      Actually the thought of them not having the fountain on condition in the off condition, and not on the timer

      crossed my mind a few times during the day.

      I was guaranteed by the city that fountain would not fire up!

      After the distro was ran we could not get power, and found out there was a power box on the other

      side of the square that fed the box the distro was connected to.

      Some guy there happen to have a bolt cutter, and they went to that box and cut the lock off

      and turned the power on.

      I hope the people who did that do not get in some hot water with the city for that.