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Best mixer for a FBT VERTUS CS 1000 - COMPACT LINE ARRAY

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  • Best mixer for a FBT VERTUS CS 1000 - COMPACT LINE ARRAY


    I'm looking for some advice.

    I just purchased a CS 1000 and I am wondering what direction I should go for a mixer.
    I would prefer an analog mxer with bluetooth and FX., with 4-8 inputs.
    I would consider a digital mixer but i fear the learning curve.
    Solo or duo musicians, with guitars, vocal, keyboards, small venues.
    The CS 1000 has one female XLR out, so I'm gonna have to get a Y cable to go to left and right channel of mixer, either XLR or 1/4" phone jack.
    Should I stay with XLR to XLR or is that not important in terms of compatibility?
    I won't need a powered mixer, right?
    I understand this will be a mono mix to the p.a. system.
    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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    Most digital mixers have free apps or demo u can try, learning curve is sometimes easy
    Why u want a y cord from the fbt out to te mixer, normaly u go from te mixer to the fbt in
    U only wil need one xlr to the left or right because u be mixing mono, if u use a y cord u short the left and right of the mixer
    Xlr is better then jack ,
    U dont need a power mixer, the fbt has amps inside
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