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Mackie CR1604 no eq for monitor out?

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  • Mackie CR1604 no eq for monitor out?

    My friend's band just got an old Mackie CR1604. Reading the manual I noticed there doesn't seem to be any EQ settings for monitor out. Am I mistaken? EQ would probably help with feedback problems. I'm thinking of sending the monitor out to an unused channel and use Alt 3/4 for monitors so I have a fader and eq controls at my fingertips instead of one little knob.

    Does this board send the signal to Alt 3/4 post fader and EQ?

    Maybe there's a better way to do this?

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    The only EQ on the board is for the channel strips. If you're going to have open mics, you'll want EQ's, preferably 31 channel, for every monitor send. Debate about analog vs digital aside, if you're starting from scratch and have aspirations to play out, you may want to rethink. By the time you by EQ's, and processing you may want - compression, verb, delay, etc, plus cables and a case to put it in, it just doesn't make sense to throw much cash into it.

    That said, if just starting out and practicing and looking for the lead vocal not to feedback, you can probably score an EQ for under $40 on craigslist or Facebook. If gigging happens down the road, you can get a 16 channel digital mixer with all the bells and whistles for under $500 (assuming you already have a tablet to control it with)

    Oh, an yes, 3/4 are post fade, post EQ.... another reason not to spend too much on making this work if you ultimately need 3+ monitor feeds.
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      Thanks for the advice.

      We'll have to get by with the Mackie for now.

      I haven't looked at PA equipment some time. Wasn't aware of headless mixers. To be honest, I'd rather do it manually than rely on something that's digitally controlled. I'd hate to have a software glitch in the middle of a gig.
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        It's frustrating, isn't it? I use a Mackie Onyx 24-4, Lexicon MX400, Driverack PX, and 4 x 31Ch graphic EQ for my rock band. It's big, heavy, and not free. I could replace all of it with a single Behringer X32 and S16 stage box.......and I would be able to mix from anywhere in the room with the iPad, and would get a multitrack recording rig for free. And I'd have room left over in the van.

        But I wouldn't be able to mix from stage using my peripheral vision while singing and playing keys.
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