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    Did I miss something, or is this a brand-new product? I don't believe I've seen it mentioned here, but (on paper?) A&H appears to have released direct competition for the X32 rack. Has anybody here spent any time with this guy, yet? Is dSNAKE a mature product?


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    Very cool. I own a Qu-16 and, while I'd rather have a physical control surface, "just in case", I've been using a Behringer X18 for the last month or so and do like hiding everything. My general disdain for Behringer, along with clunkly software, long delays, and occasional app crashes, when using my ipad 3, will end up with the "B" mixer in the trunk as a backup, which is what I intended it for in the first place.

    So as a "low profile" small mixer, I was just looking at the Qu-Pac, yesterday, but don't like that the connections are in the back. This version would be much better and should be a rock solid "stage box" mixer. The Behringer has more/better EFX though. With it's total lack of any "on mixer" control, I'd consider the Qu-SB more of a direct competitor to the XR18 though.
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