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Korg M3 "Copy From Program" Effects Routing Question

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  • Korg M3 "Copy From Program" Effects Routing Question

    Hi Guys

    Im busy messing around in sequencer mode with my new M3 and I have a question:

    If Im building a song from "Copy from Program" sounds instead of manual setup, how will the effects be arranged for each track.

    For example, will it copy all the IFX and TFX for each program to each track and use the MFX from the voice on track 1 as the overall MFX for the whole song or does it do it differently.

    When I tried it, Track 1 had the copied voice, effects and all but track 2 had the standard flat Piano.

    Or does this work like a MotifXS where only 1 voice and parameters can be copied per song. Im using Programs (single Voices) here, not combis.

    Ive looked in the manual and param guide but cant seem to find anything.

    How does this work

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