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    I agree completely. The PX5D is cool "as is," but the USB options - and the recent upgrade - put it into an entirely different category, especially for the price.
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      Last night I found that the PX5D has a lot more memory for recording/playing back than I thought! I used to have to set the tempo on the PX4B to 130 to have a complete 16-bar jam, but even at 110, the PX5D can have up to 32 measures, with the bass & drum patterns AND the rhythm guitar track.

      Quite the amazing device!

      I'd be curious to hear of any negative experiences that anyone has had, because so far, it seems too good to fit in that small of a device.


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        I am a harmonica player and work with a guitarist. I bought the Korg Pandora PX5D to use on gigs to provide bass and drums. I'm more than a little overwhelmed by the complexity, and am hoping someone could take me through a step-by-step process of programming the rhythm tracks and storing them for easy access onstage.

        For example, the song, Mustang Sally in C, or any blues/rock acoustic duo song you care to demonstrate.




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          Great review! I went out and picked up one. But I'm having one issue and thought I'd check with you guys.

          I'm following the manual and holding EXIT while pressing TAP/Bypass, but it doesn't work and just acts like I'm holding the TAP/Bypass (turns on tuner). Is this a misprint in the manual, or is a feature missing in the firmware (and will it be updated)?

          If anyone can try this and tell me if it works on your unit that would be great. I'm trying to avoid a trip back to Guitar Center and really can't see how this doesn't work while everything else works fine. I'm betting it's an unimplemented feature or something.

          Thanks a lot! I appreciate any help.



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            Anyone know of a website where we can trade patches for the Pandora?


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              You can find a half dozen or so custom patches for the Korg Pandora PX5D here:


              I was also wondering if there's a list somewhere of the song Chains that are built-in. For example, it would be helpful to know what key they are in, etc. Also if anyone has found a site that has downloadable chains that would be very cool.

              Thanks much




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                I read an article in Guitar Player a while ago where the guy the article is about liked to use a PX4D instead of a PX5D because he said it sounded warmer. Does the PX4D really sound warmer than the PX5D?


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                  Sorry, but I don't have a PX4D here for comparison.
                  CHECK IT OUT: Lilianna!, my latest song, is now streamable from YouTube.

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                    Quote Originally Posted by Anderton
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                    Sorry, but I don't have a PX4D here for comparison.

                    Nor do I.
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                      Sure, the effects are nice. Great tracking on the synths, wah's & filters, but what pushes this over the top is the rhythm section! There are 20 different user-defined chains, and each chain has 16 sections, each having choices for the rhythm, variations (basic, Var 1 (with a crash cym_, or var 2 (ending roll)), bass key, bass var (basic, var 1 (maj), var 2 (min)), and how many times to repeat the section.

                      I figured the bass & drums out for "Little Wing", and a 12-bar blues, basic I-IV-V rock beat, as well as making up some of my own. The USB/software interface is great!


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                        I have been using this little beast every day for a bit over 12 months now as a practice box. Great unit. The 'Jam' feature is just a wonderful tool, as is the phrase trainer.

                        I wish it had some overdrives in the effects as I like the sound of tubesceamers in from of a marshall, but since it is not a gigging rig it is OK.

                        The input jack became quite noisy after about 4 months of ownership. I jiggle the cable and all is well, but it is annoying. No doubt some contact cleaner would sort it out, but I am afraid of opening it up and breaking something.

                        Highly recommended as a practice tool.


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                          I have the px4 and it is an awesome little unit as well, I use it all the time.

                          How is the audio quality when using the phase trainer on the px5? On the px4 my guitar starts to sound pretty degraded if I do a loop with drums that is longer than about 12 seconds.


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                            OJ: It isn't bad, but when you get above 30 seconds it does sound pretty lo-fi...


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                              I hardly ever used the phrase trainer. The function that I used the most (until my PX5D crapped out last Friday, after owning it for less than 14 months) was the rhythm chain.

                              Planned obsolescence, i.e. programmed defects, made mine die, and Korg has lost a customer. In the time that I owned it, I didn't drop it, pile stuff on top of it, over-use it, or loan it out.


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                                So anyone had a chance to compare the 4 and 5?