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    Just thought I'd share:

    "Run for the Money" (Uptempo country jam tune)
    copyright Leon Fullerton

    Raced my mare in Mexico,
    raced her in Tennessee.
    Might've raced her on the moon
    for all the good it did for me,
    oh, lord,
    all the good it did for me.

    Played a hand or two in Houston,
    though Hold 'Em's not my game,
    rolled cold bones in Baton Rouge,
    and had to change my name,
    oh, lord,
    had to change my name.

    My daddy was a sporting man,
    I was born with the sporting blood,
    and trouble never trickles down,
    it drowns me in the flood,
    oh, lord,
    drowns me in the flood.

    And it's run, run, run, run, run for the money,
    run for the money, and go for the dough.
    It's two for the show and one for your honey,
    that sweet little gal in Calexico,
    down in Calexico,
    oh, lord,
    down in Calexico.

    I left my money in a little pile
    at the Golden Nugget's door,
    which spared me precious hours
    of losing it on the floor,
    oh, lord,
    that mean old casino floor.

    If you should meet my little gal,
    give her all my best,
    and if you should come to marry her,
    give her all the rest,
    oh, lord,
    give her all the rest.

    And it's run, run, run . . . .
    ( •)—:::
    Sent on my six-string jumbo ukelele