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    Over the past 15 years I have acquired many straps while traveling for various needs/reasons. Mostly due to forgetting or losing them at shows.
    Without further ado here is a nice variety I have for sale. For the sake of making it easier on both sides Shipping is FREE in the CON US

    Please private message me with interest or questions on any straps and also for the best PayPal email.

    Number in bold near/at the end of each strap description is length in inches (not all have been measured)

    1. $8 Onori Cotton Web Olive Drab Synth Leather Ends 52.5
    2. $20 Peavey Leather 3.5 Bass Strap with embroidered top design 57-used with straplocks
    3. $5 Guitar Works Blue Hootenanny Design Nylon 58
    4. $10 Vintage 60’s strap made of light material 58.25

    5. $15 Blue Cotton Web with clip-lock button ends 54
    6. $20 Planet Waves Jamaica -used with straplocks 59
    7. $10 Older style Canadian Cotton 49.25
    8. SOLD

    9. $15 Levy’s Cotton Web Leather Ends Black 55.25-used with straplocks
    10. $15 Levy’s Cotton Web Leather Ends 56.5-used with straplocks
    11. $5 Fort Bryan Nylon
    12. $5 Short length Clear Acrylic Strap 41.5- has discolorations

    13. $5 GHS Hootenanny Strap 58
    14. $25 Fender Custom Shop Canadian Leather 55-used once. Maybe.
    15. $20 Levys Skull Motif 60 5/8
    16. $25 Planet Waves Celtic Knots "Vintage/Hard to Find" 60-excellent

    17. $20 Planet Waves “Aces Wild” Motif Cotton/Nylon 57
    18. $25 Stop Comfort Neoprene Padded 47-used with straplocks
    19. $30 Levy’s Metal buckled Hemp 53.25-used with straplocks
    20. $15 D'Addario Nylon Locking 54

    21. $35 Levy’s Glove Leather w Piping 51.33-used with straplocks
    22. $15 Planet Waves Gray Camo 66.5-used with straplocks
    23. $30 Original Planet Waves Locking 61.75
    24. $30 Levy’s Leather with Red Fur stripe 56 -used with straplocks
    25. $10 Reversible Leather Gray side suede/Black side glove leather 49

    A. $4 Nylon with Rubber Shoulder Pad (Vinyl ends) 57.5
    B. $4 Yamaha Nylon with pick pouch -never used
    C. $2 Cheap Old Nylon Strap
    D. $4 ChromaCast Nylon Strap 55-never used

    E. $3 Epiphone Nylon
    F. $3 Epiphone Nylon -never used
    G. $3 Epiphone Nylon -never used
    H. $15 Levy’s Hotrod Poly 60

    J. $3 Peavey Nylon -never lused
    K. $5 Planet Waves Nylon
    L. $4 Thin Spaghetti Nylon -never used
    M. $6 PRS Guitars ACC-3132 Nylon 56-Never used. PRS logo not pictured but intact

    N. $4 Ernie Ball Nylon
    P. $5 Perfomance Plus Hootenanny Nylon 51.5
    R. $4 Older Fender Nylon Strap
    S. $4 Levy’s M8Poly 55.75
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    It doesn't get any better than this