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Toft ATB 32 Console Mixer

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  • Toft ATB 32 Console Mixer

    Hello everyone. This is my first post and I joined this forum just the post this item for sale. I'll get down to the details...

    I received this console mixer from a family member's estate after they passed a few months ago. The family member had a small studio set-up and had tons of gear. I play music a little but not near enough to warrant needing a console of this size. I took the console (as my share of the estate) with the intent to re-sale it to fund other projects and gear that I can use.

    This console is in perfect working order and has been fully tested before we dissembled the studio. I personally helped unhooking everything and testing it before hand.
    The mixer includes the power source and optional meter bridge. Nothing else is included with the package.

    These mixers retail at a cost of $8,500 new. The included optional meter bridge is $900 alone. This one looks and functions like brand new and was only about a year and a half to two years old from what we could gather. I'm a realistic person and know that used items of this nature do not re-sale as high as they should. That being said, I will not give it away. I'll take offers on the console and when I feel I get a worth while offer then I'll accept it and sell the mixer.

    I'm willing to drive and meet within a reasonable distance for the sale of the mixer after receiving a deposit or I will look into shipping if you want, but as heavy as the mixer is, it would cost an arm and a leg to ship. Mixer is located in Virginia and I'll give more details after speaking with perspective buyers.

    I'm not really interested in any trades but you never know. I might take a nice guitar as a partial trade on the mixer but it would have to be the right one.

    I am a for real person. This is not a scam or spam of any kind. Please message me so that the forum will notify me via e-mail and I 'll contact you. I can send pic of the mixer after we talk via e-mail / text first. I'll try to get pics posted on the site soon.

    Thanks for looking and make sure to message me with your offers or questions. Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Here's the mixer... Toft Audio ATB32 |

    And the meter bridge... Toft Audio ATB32 Meter Bridge |