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FS: Barber, ToneBone, Klon, Tycobrahe, AnalogMan, VoodooLabs, Boss, etc pedals

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  • FS: Barber, ToneBone, Klon, Tycobrahe, AnalogMan, VoodooLabs, Boss, etc pedals

    I've been getting rid of a TON of pedals that I've collected over the last 20 years. Many collectibles, rare items, etc. (Dates in parentheses are when I purchased them.)
    All pedals are near mint condition, unless noted.
    PayPal and ship charges can be negotiated. Reasonable offers encouraged... but sorry, no trades!!!
    Email me for more details, at
    1. "Ethos" amp simulator pedal, 2 channel, Boutique-built by Rob Hall, like new $400.00 (SOLD!)
    2. "Handi-Boost" amp simulator pedal, custom-built by Rob Hall as predecessor to "Ethos", like new $300.00 (SOLD!)
    3. Barber "Small Fry" overdrive pedal, orig box, handwired, like new (2007) $150.00 (SOLD!)
    4. Barber "Tone Pump" gtr pedal, 2ch, 6 knobs, exc condition. (2002) $130.00
    5. Barber "Tone Pump" gtr pedal, 3 knobs, exc condition. (2002) $100.00 (SOLD!)
    6. Blackstone MOSFET overdrive v2s2 pedal, like new $180.00 (SOLD!)
    7. Boss “Dimension C” stereo analog effect pedal $270.00
    8. Crowther “Hotcake” overdrive pedal $120.00 (SOLD!)
    9. (SOLD!)
    10. Diaz “Tremadillo”, discontinued "collector's item", mint condition, orig. box $200.00 (1996) (SOLD!)
    11. (SOLD!)
    12. FullTone "FullDrive2" overdrive pedal, Orange collectible version, $220.00 (1998) (SOLD!)
    13. FullTone FB-2 Fat-Boost pedal (version2), like new cond. $90.00 (SOLD!
    14. FullTone SupaTrem footpedal (1999) $80.00 (SOLD!)
    15. Hermida "Zendrive" overdrive pedal, handmade, exc condition. (2007) $220.00 (SOLD!)
    16. Hot Chili DS-1 “Tubester” pedal, w/ 5751 tube, true-bypass option, AC supply. $175.00 (SOLD!)
    17. Hughes & Kettner "Blues Master" preamp, discontinued collectible, “the “Jerry” sound! Exc. cond $300.00 (SOLD!)
    18. Hughes & Kettner "Tubeman Plus" rackmount preamp, (w/ StageBoard footswitch), discontinued collectible, exc. condition $175.00 (SOLD!)
    19. Hughes&Kettner “Tube Rotosphere” Mk1, leslie simulator box, w/ power supply (2000) $275.00 (SOLD!)
    20. Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer pedal, like new (2002) $80.00 (SOLD!)
    21. Ibanez TS-9, AnalogMan 808mod, like new (2002) $125.00
    22. Jetter "GainStage Blue" overdrive pedal, orig box, exc condition. (2007) $120.00 (SOLD!)
    23. Jetter "GainStage Red" overdrive pedal, orig box, exc condition. (2007) $110.00 (SOLD!)
    24. Line 6 DL-4 Delay, w/ optional pwr supply, mint condition. $175.00 (SOLD!)
    25. LovePedal "Eternity" Roadhouse overdrive pedal, handwired, collectable, exc condition. (2007) $260.00 (SOLD!)
    26. Matchless “Hotbox” guitar preamp, Sampson era, rare discontinued collectable, original box and custom cover, exc condition (1995) $375.00 (SOLD!)
    27. Menatone “King of the Britains” overdrive pedal (2000) $190.00 (SOLD!)
    28. Menatone “Red Snapper” overdrive pedal (1999) $180.00 (SOLD!)
    29. Paul Cochrane "Tim" overdrive pedal, handwired, exc condition. (2007) $230.00 (SOLD!)
    30. SIB "FatDrive" tube OD pedal, AC powered, exc condition $200.00 (SOLD!)
    31. Stamps Drive-O-Matic pedal, exc condition $70.00
    32. ToneBone “Hot British” tube distortion pedal, w/ pwr supply, mint. $120.00
    33. VoodooLabs “SparkleDrive” overdrive pedal, like new $70.00
    34. C-Tech "SonnyBoy", great "under the radar" blues pedal! $70.00
    35. Alesis Quadraverb, '80's sounding 1-rack-space unit, excellent shape. $60.00
    36. Geoffrey Teese RMC-3 tunable Wah Pedal (1997) $160.00 (SOLD!)
    37. Tycobrahe Octavia, the ORIGINAL collector's item, excellent condition. $$ LET'S TALK!
    38. Klon Centaur, early production “Horsie” model, serial #22x, (1994?), w/ gold anodized, sand-cast aluminum box, excellent condition. (SOLD!)
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    Deal made, payment sent. Thank you sir.


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      Further PRICE REDUCTIONS on remaining items!!!