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Selling a Zinky custom made 50watt Supro 1-12" (Blue Velvet)

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  • Selling a Zinky custom made 50watt Supro 1-12" (Blue Velvet)

    Hello all.

    House and car bills are forcing me to part with a custom made Bruce Zinky combo amp. He built this for me around 2008 and is not one of his production models. Have it priced at $900 which I think is fair with the going used rate of some his other comparable amps.

    The circutiry is based around his 50 watt, 6l6 Blue Velvet amp with the notable exceptions/additions of:

    - only one channel; no effect loop

    - 3 Knob (Drive, Tone, Level) all tube 6-spring Acutronics Reverb (something missing from most production model Zinky combos)

    - Housed in one of his brown Supro cabinets as opposed to a velvet covered thing

    - Eminence 12" speaker, special "Zinky Design"

    This amp was my "keep at home/studio" amp because of its uniqueness and has seen very light duty. I have a 70's musicman and and Allen Encore that carry most of the load.

    Has only seen a handful of stages in its life, always cared for, never around smoke. Never toured with and actually has seen extremely light use in the last 2 years (maybe turned on and played 10 times)

    Here is an excerpt from an email by "BZ" himself explaing the amp:


    Front Panel- Treble, Bass, Midrange, Reverb Drive, Reverb Tone, Reverb Level, (instrument) Volume

    Reverb- Reverb Drive lets you distort the reverb if you turn it up really high. GAIN also varies the level that goes into the reverb, so you set the knob to compensate/go further off the cliff.
    Reverb Tone- Brighter or Darker, depending on where you set it.
    Reverb LEVEL- Reverb Volume control. Unrelated to the VOLUME control, so you can make the amp loud as hell, but ALL reverb. Whacky.
    Volume- Overall level of the actual instrument, unrelated to Reverb Level.

    TONE CONTROLS- If all on zero, no output.

    The amp is essentially a 50 Watt Zinky Blue Velvet, but in Supro livery, and with a highly customized reverb. The list price for the standard Zinky Blue Velvet 50 Watt 1-12" combo is $1999. I'm not going to even think about custom charges related to the special features. I can tell you the amp will be reliable, loud, and extremely versatile. I hope you enjoy it very much.



    I have it posted with pictures and more info at this Bay Area craigslist site:

    Sound sample mp3's available by request as well. Thanks for looking