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WTB: 2004 Fargen Amp Head (KT88/6550) - Forest Green Tolex

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  • WTB: 2004 Fargen Amp Head (KT88/6550) - Forest Green Tolex

    So this is a total long shot, but I figure I'd send a message out to the Harmony Central universe and see what happens.

    Back in 2004, I had Ben Fargen make me a custom head, in forest green tolex, that was based off a Fender circuit and used 6550/KT88 tubes. It's just an amp head, not a combo. I sold it to Gravity Music Gear in Denver, CO sometime back in 2006-2008, I believe. I'd like to get it back!

    If the owner sees this message and would like to sell, please contact me. I'm in Denver.

    Call Dan at 303.594.6959.

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