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  • Vengeance Sound VPS Avenger Synthesizer

    By Russ Loeffler |

    Vengeance Sound VPS Avenger Synthesizer

    The Last Synth You'll Ever Need?


    by Russ Loeffler



    Vengeance Sound has released VPS (Vengeance Producer Suite) Avenger. It is a complete and user-friendly plug-in synthesizer with accompanying Avenger plug-ins available for purchase. Amazingly, the street price for VPS Avenger comes in under $200.


    Here is a high-level summary of features:


    * 64-bit and VST3 standard (64-bit required)

    * Over 930 factory presets

    * 620 multisamples

    * 218 special samples (attacks, noises)

    * 154 resampler waves

    * 168 drum kits, 168 drum sequences

    * 596 wavetables

    * 30 FX types (including analog chorus, Reverb, Phaser, etc. from ArtsAcoustic)

    * 47 Filter types

    * Resizable vectorized GUI (4k-ready)

    * 8 arpeggiators, drum sequencer, 8 step sequencers, 18 envelope generators

    • Customizable LFOs, 4 shaper modules (distortion units on OSC level)


    Getting started with the video tutorials


    Although Avenger is a very intuitive and user-friendly synthesizer, I recommend starting with tutorial videos, especially Tutorial Video #2, “Resizing the GUI”. The GUI is designed to work with 4K monitors and getting the display size and resolution is important. This short, 2 minute video will ensure that you are starting with the best display for your DAW.


    Getting started with the presets


    You will want to learn the layout and the controls for the synthesizer, but nothing beats the instant gratification of uploading some great presets. Fortunately, the hierarchy for file presets is simple and intuitive. The preset browser has three levels and the format is common for all expansion packs.


    1st Level – the bank or expansion packs (Factory is the base default)


    2nd Level – Category


    Factory menu of categories: Arp, Bass, Bells, Chords, Drums, Effects, Instruments, Leads, Organ, Pads, Pianos & Keys, Sequences, Synth, Trancegate, Voice


    (Note: Some expansion packs do not include all of these categories or they may include categories not found in the Factory bank.)


    3rd Level – Presets


    There are more than 900 factory presets


    Beyond the presets


    After you are familiar with the factory presets, you’ll want to move on to modifying the presets and creating your own presets.


    The areas or sections of the synthesizer are-


    * Browser Area

    * Oscillator Area

    o This is where the drums are located

    o The waveform view is central to the display area

    o Multi-samples with stacking capability by adding tabs

    * Amp Section

    o UP to 4 independent amp modules

    * Filter Section

    o Up to 4 independent filter modules

    * Shaper Section

    o Up to 4 shaper modules

    * LFO Section

    o Up to 4 shaper modules

    * FX Section

    o Up to 4 FX modules with 8 effects each


    Note: the Oscillator, Amp, Filter, Shaper, and LFO sections can be expanded by simply pushing the + button and adding new tabs


    o Mod Matrix

    o Macro Area

    * Central Display

    o Editor

    * Free mode with mouse control

    * Harmonic mode

    * Bin mode

    o Arpeggiator

    o Drum Sequencer

    o Step Sequencer

    o Pitch Module

    o Modulation Envelopes

    o Mixer

    o Key and Velocity Zones

    o System Page

    * MDI Controller Bar

    o Keyboard and modulation controls


    As you can see just from the summary of the synthesizer layout, you can dig very, very deep into developing, editing, and storing you own presets. This may seem intimidating, but the video editorials are broken down by synthesizer area or section. So, you can master one at a time. I recommend starting with the Factory bank and exploring the full capabilities of VPS Avenger. If you want to move beyond the factory presets, the time invested to learn the various sections of the synthesizer will be well worth it.


    Expansion Packs


    Once you have mastered VPS Avenger, there are almost 30 expansion packs available for purchase. Each expansion pack provides more than 100 presets, new drumkits, sequences, wavetables and more. They range from analog and digital synths from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s to EDM, Trance, Dubstep, House, Cinematic.


    I’m not a big fan of EDM or House music and I would lean toward a collection with the classic synths and cinematic sound expansion packs. If you are a fan of EDM there are multiple expansion packs of EDM, House, Trance, and Dub presets. The extensive offerings of expansion packs will allow you to curate your library of sounds to your preferences. Bundled packages of 5 expansion packs are available for a great value.




    Vengeance advertises the VPS Avenger as “the last synth you’ll ever need”. That is a lofty claim, but they may be right. This synthesizer is loaded with very professional sounding presets and the expansion packs provide a huge library of sounds. I’m already looking forward to seeing more expansion packs. Avenger has an incredible quantity of features and controls providing the ability to perform very deep editing. Despite the vast features and content, the layout is very logical and intuitive which allows you to be creative. A bonus is the library of video tutorials which will have you editing like a pro. -HC-




    Vengeance Sound VPS Avenger Synthesizer Product Page (Startings at $220.00)






    Russ Loeffler is a contributing editor to Harmony Central who covers trade shows and live events when he is not fine-tuning his guitar chops. He is also a  gear head with a passion for good music, great tones, and music that is much easier to listen to than it is to play.


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