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    Little Guitar Shop on the Mountain - a Visit to D'Angelico Guitars

    By Russ Loeffler |

     Little Guitar Shop on the Mountain - a Visit to D'Angelico Guitars

    Aspen high! Who needs legalized drugs with all these guitars?



    by Russ Loeffler







    D’Angelico – Aspen Style


    When I travel to Colorado for the Guitar Town Festival at Copper Mountain, I always add a day or two of site seeing to places like Boulder, Vail, Estes Park, and Aspen.  This year, I found something new in Aspen, a D’Angelico guitar shop.  The shop has been open for less than a year, but it has the look of a well established gallery.  


    The shop has the largest display of D’Angelico guitars in the world.  They have everything from mid- priced acoustic guitars to New York master built archtops, as well as guitars with custom artwork.  The layout is an impressive mix of a comfortable lounge and an art gallery.  They have some high-quality Vox and Two-Rock amps to demo the electric guitars.  The shop offers shipping and they will match prices.  The staff is knowledgeable and very friendly.  


    Following are photos that I took during my visit.  



    Fortunately, the orientation of the shop is such that these beauties aren't getting hit by the sun! 



     A veritable rainbow of semi-hollows adorn the jam space lounge.



     OK... I guess drummers are allowed.



    The classic single horn electric, in all their glory. 



     The wall where acoustic meets electric.



     Made to play acoustics.



    D'Angelico's Grateful Dead Series 


    It's nice to know that Aspen caters to everyone... even high-end guitar afficianados!





    Russ Loeffler is a contributing editor to Harmony Central who covers trade shows and live events when he is not fine-tuning his guitar chops. He is also a  gear head with a passion for good music, great tones, and music that is much easier to listen to than it is to play.


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