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Zaxcom will display new transmitters, recorders, and more at AES 2007.

New IFB Voting Feature for TRX900 Series

Zaxcom recently introduced a new IFB voting feature for the company's TRX900 family of digital wireless microphone transceivers. The voting feature, part of the new 2.4-GHz IFB100 on display at AES 2007, allows the TRX900's internal IFB receiver to select the highest quality signal automatically from a group of IFB transmitters operating on different frequencies. With this capability, users can greatly extend the range and flexibility of their wireless microphone systems by setting up several IFB transmitters within a large space. Up to 32 IFB channels can be operated at one time.

IFB100 2.4-GHz Transmitter

Zaxcom's new IFB100 2.4-GHz transmitter, designed for use with the company's popular TRX900 series of wireless microphone systems, will be shown in the U.S. for the first time at AES 2007. The IFB100 transmits a single RF carrier—containing timecode, IFB audio, and remote control signals—to any number of TRX900 wireless systems, giving users the patent-pending ability to record a group of channels and play them back as a virtual multitrack recording. The unit directly accepts SMPTE timecode and balanced audio at line level. The IFB100's 125-mW RF power output provides a range of up to 300 feet for transmission of IFB audio and up to 1,000 feet for timecode transmission and remote control signals. Zaxcom's new transmitter is well suited for use on sound carts, in the studio, and mounted on the side of video cameras. Because the IFB100 operates on the 2.4-GHz wavelength, it can be used license free in almost any country.

Deva 5.8 Hard Disk Audio Recorder

Zaxcom also will demonstrate the new Deva 5.8, the latest entry in the company's Deva family of hard disk recorders. The Deva 5.8 system features eight integrated hardware faders, an internal DVD-RAM drive, and a Flash™ media slot, making it the only professional audio recording system to provide complete recording, mixing, and effects capabilities within one lightweight package. Zaxcom's new system will record to hard disk or Flash disk for a completely solid-state multitrack recording solution. The unit records 10 tracks of audio directly to a CompactFlash® memory card. The memory card slot is mounted on the control panel for quick and easy transfer of material from the production site to post-production staff. The internal DVD-RAM drive provides users with a recording alternative and saves space by combining two products into one. For a complete sound cart package, the new Deva 5.8 will integrate with the Deva Mix-12, a control surface for the internal mixer of the Deva. The Mix-12 integrates with the Deva to perform all location mix and record functions, eliminating the need for expensive external mixing consoles.

TRX700 Plug-On Recording Transmitter

Zaxcom will be exhibiting its new TRX700, a "plug-on transmitter/recorder" designed for use with the shotgun-type microphones commonly used in boom-pole or ENG applications. The TRX700 provides a patent-pending feature set, including a removable miniSD card that will record up to 12 hours of timecode-referenced audio. The TRX700 uses 100 percent digital modulation with audio quality that rivals a hard-wired connection. Zaxcom has engineered the only professional wireless systems to use digital modulation, which frees audio professionals from the distortion effects of companders, FM modulation, pilot tones, antenna diversity switching, and RF interference that degrade the quality of all other broadcast wireless systems.

TRX800 and ZFR800 Handheld Wireless Recording Systems

Zaxcom's ZFR800 handheld wireless recorder and TRX800 handheld wireless microphone with internal recording are designed for use in broadcast, studio, theater, and ENG applications. These systems provide internal recording capabilities for applications where sound quality and mobility are equally important. The patent-pending TRX800 handheld is the only professional wireless microphone to use digital modulation and is the first handheld microphone to produce a timecode-referenced recording that serves as a back-up. This automatic back-up recording can be especially crucial in live or live-to-tape applications where wireless transmission is affected by interference or limitations in the available frequencies. Unlike other handheld microphones, which use a compander or audio processing that colors the audio, the TRX800 and ZFR800 offer audio quality equivalent to AES audio on a hard-wired cable.

Other Products on Display Include:

  • TRX900 Digital Wireless Microphone Transceivers
  • TRX900AA Digital Wireless Microphone Transceiver
  • ZFR100 Miniature Audio Recorder
  • STA100 Stereo Adaptor
  • Deva Hard Disk Recorders and Mix-12 Control Surface

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