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Wusik has released version (demo and full) 4.1.6 of Wusikstation, and version 4.1.6 of Wusik Sample Editor.

Wusikstation V4.1.6:

  • Added: windows Vista support
  • Added: new ModMatrix Source—Midi-In->Key Switching to Wavesequence Start. With this option, you can set up to 32 different sounds and select each sound using the lower section of your midi-keyboard. You can also use Sustain to Wavesequence Start.
  • Added: new ModMatrix Source—Layers->Note Off (with and without envelope information) that can be used to Gate another layer. This is usefull for Note-Release playback.
  • Added: new ModMatrix Destination—Layer-Gate. This will send a Note-On to that layer when the signal raises above 0. Be sure to set the ADSR AMP Sustain to Zero, otherwise the note would never end.
  • Removed: SN enter during start-up. Now a global SN is used by the code.
  • Fixed: loading of SynthEdit made Effects. (and other effects too)
  • Fixed: crash on using the mod-wheel too fast while on the file/directory browser.

New presets for the new features were included under "\Presets\-Feature Showcase":

  • Note Off to Gate 2
  • Note Off x Env to Gate
  • Note Off to Gate
  • Key Switching with Sustain Pedal
  • Key Switching (Note Seq)

This update will work with any Wusikstation version. The Four Gig Collection files were NOT changed. When doing a NEW install, all you have to do is run the LATEST update, not the ones in between.

Wusik Sample Editor V1.2.6:

  • Added Normalize options. Per waveform and also per layer
  • Added Pitch control, so you can tune/fine-tune waveforms. This shows as a fader next to "R Z". This changes the sample-rate of the file, not the actual pitch. So when you save the WusikSND file, it will change the files sample-rate, but you won't loose any sample information. (it changes a sample-rate parameter only) Use the Shift+Click or Mid-Mouse to Fine-Tune. Ctrl+Click centers it.
  • More Selection and Loop options
  • Several Cross-Fade options
  • Layer: Convert to Mono option added (will merge all stereo layers into mono layers)
  • Raise volume options added


  • Added Audio Input Recording

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