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Waves Audio announces the new OneKnob series, a set of seven plugins, each of

which provides a particular effect controlled by a single knob. Great sounding

and easy to use, OneKnob plugins feature the best of Waves award-winning audio

processes, coupled with their simplest, most intuitive interfaces ever. For

everyone from home recording enthusiasts to audio industry professionals,

OneKnob plugins deliver high-quality, quick results, providing outstanding go-to

solutions for studio and live sound work alike.

In the control room, in the DJ booth, or when mixing a live show  when users dont

feel like tweaking loads of parameters, and when they want to stay focused on the

music and simply dial up some great-sounding effects  OneKnob plugins may be just

what theyve been looking for. Hooked up to a hardware controller, mixing has never

been this fast  or this much fun.

The OneKnob Series includes OneKnob Brighter, OneKnob Phatter, OneKnob Filter,

OneKnob Pressure, OneKnob Louder, OneKnob Driver and OneKnob Wetter.

OneKnob Brighter

An intelligent treble booster that adds brightness from the mid-high range on up,

Brighter is perfect for brightening up a track or making it cut through the mix.

OneKnob Phatter

Phatter is a bass booster that provides a quick way to add bottom, weight and body

to bass, keys, kick drums and vocals alike, to thicken them in the mix.

OneKnob Filter

>From the mixing room to the DJ booth, Filter is a powerful sweepable filter with

switchable Resonance modes, perfect for full mixes, loops, analog synths and more.

OneKnob Pressure

>From light, parallel-style compression to pumping and squashing, Pressure is a

versatile dynamics processor, ideal for percussive sources like loops and drum


OneKnob Louder

Using a combination of peak limiting and low-level compression with automatic

makeup, Louder effectively makes tracks louder, increasing RMS by up to 24 dB.

OneKnob Driver

Inspired by famous guitar overdrive pedals, Driver is capable of everything from

light overdrive to full-on distortion. But its not just for guitars; it sounds great

as an effect for vocals, piano, synths, drums, bass and more.

OneKnob Wetter

>From short, bright ambiences that are felt more than heard, to longer, darker

spaces, Wetter adds instant depth to any track, creating the perfect atmosphere.

The new OneKnob series of plugins from Waves is Native only. U.S. MSRP for the

OneKnob Series bundle is $400.00; U.S. MSRP for single plugins is $80.00 each.

OneKnob Series SoundGrid includes six plugins (Louder, Pressure, Phatter, Brighter,

Driver, Filter) and is available for $600.00 U.S. MSRP.

For more information, please visit www.waves.com.


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