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The WI Visual Instruments series are collections of virtual instruments that combine advanced behavioral modeling with extensive amounts of sound data extracted from acoustic measurements and recordings of real instruments.

Brass 1 is the first instrument collection in the WIVI series. It contains a full setup of the basic instruments included in an orchestral brass section, although all instruments fit in non-orchestral settings equally well. WIVI Brass 1 also include a large variety of muted instruments.

The WIVI instruments compete with samples in terms of sonic quality, but their expressive capabilities are only short of real instruments, and learning how to play a WIVI instrument is easy.

WIVI was designed for full integration with breath/wind controllers, but the dynamics can be controlled using any other controller, through a single CC, or by using key velocity.

Graphical positioning engine

The interface includes a graphical environment where you position the instruments and yourself. The acoustic properties are calculated separately for each instrument, resulting in a full and vibrant stereo image. The current graphical environment is a concert hall environment, but this will be extended to multiple environments in the future, to aid instrument positioning in environments of different size and shape.

The interface is 100% hardware-accelerated, using custom technology. The Mac interface runs on OpenGL, and on Windows users have a choice of using Direct3D 9, OpenGL or Software Rendering, to get full support with different setups and plugin hosts.

WIVI supports full integration with external convolution reverbs, and this is also the recommended setup. The internal reverb is a highly optimized synthetic reverb, specifically designed to provide quality reverb with low footprint during the writing process.


Unlike most modern sample libraries, the requirements for WIVI is very modest and the footprint is low. The software loads instantly, CPU usage is low and instruments typically use 4-6 MB RAM when loaded.

The player and the instruments are watermarked automatically on purchase, meaning there's no dongle or computer registration required to install or run the software. The license is a single-user license, but other than that you're allowed to install and run it on all of your computers.

The requirements on Windows are Pentium 4, Athlon 64 (or SSE compliant Athlon XP), 200 MB harddrive space, 256 MB RAM and a VST 2.4 compatible host.

The requirements on Mac are PowerPC G4 or higher or Intel Mac, 200 MB harddrive space, 256 MB RAM and an AU compatible host or a VST 2.4 compatible host.

Pricing and availability

The full Brass 1 package, including the WIVI player, is available directly from www.wallanderinstruments.com for a price of $599. There's also a playable Trial Edition available for download, for Win VST, Mac AU and Mac VST.

Price: $599

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