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Wallander Instruments is releasing the affordable Orchestral & Brand Brass and Woodwinds & Saxophones collections, both of which utilize their new Standard Edition (SE) player. Orchestral & Band Brass
This is our most extensive collection of brasswinds to date. It contains 64 modelled instruments, with mutes making up a total of 171 models. The OBB collection is bundled with the NEW Standard Edition (SE) player, making it one of the most affordable collections on the market at less than $3 per model! Price: $499 As a Brass 1/Epic Bundle owner, you can upgrade to get the full collection of OBB instruments for your Professional Edition player, for $299. Instruments in OBB:
French Horns 1-4
Vienna Horns 1-4
Wagner Tubas 1-4
Piccolo Trumpets 1-3
D-Trumpets 1-3
C-Trumpets 1-3
Bb-Trumpets 1-3
Bass Trumpets 1-3
Contrabass Trumpets 1-3
Alto Trombones 1-3
Tenor Trombones 1-3
Bass Trombones 1-3
Cimbassos 1-3
F-Tubas 1-2
Contrabass Tubas 1-2
Soprano Cornets 1-3
Cornets 1-3
Flugelhorns 1-3
Alto Horns 1-3
Baritone Horns 1-3
Euphoniums 1-3
Woodwinds & Saxophones
The WS collection contains 105 modelled woodwinds, saxophones, and recorders. Including the new recorder range and a selection of bonus instruments, such as Bassett Horns and Classical & Baroque Bassoons. Also bundled with the SE player, this is a very affordable collection at $3.80 per instrument! Price: $399 If you own one or more of the WI Woodwinds 1-3 or Saxophones 1-2 collections (or equivalent), you can upgrade to the full instrument set in WS. Upgrade price varies, please see our website. Instruments in WS:
Piccolo Flutes 1-3
Concert Flutes 1-3
Alto Flutes 1-3
Bass Flutes 1-3
Modern Oboes 1-3
Baroque Oboes 1-3
Oboe d¿¿¿Amore 1-3
English Horns 1-3
Eb-Clarinets 1-3
Bb-Clarinets 1-3
A-Clarinets 1-3
Basset Horns 1-3
Bass Clarinets 1-3
Contrabass Clarinets 1-3
Modern Bassoons 1-3
Classical Bassoons 1-3
Baroque Bassoons 1-3
Contrabassoons 1-3
Sopranino Saxophones 1-3
Soprano Saxophones 1-3
Alto Saxophones 1-3
Tenor Saxophones 1-3
Baritone Saxophones 1-3
Bass Saxophones 1-3
C Soprano Saxophones 1-3
Mezzo-soprano Saxophones 1-3
C Melody Saxophones 1-3
Garklein Recorders 1-3
Sopranino Recorders 1-3
Soprano Recorders 1-3
Alto Recorders 1-3
Tenor Recorders 1-3
Bass Recorders 1-3
Great Bass Recorders 1-3
Contrabass Recorders 1-3
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