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With a fanfare that would have made Admiral Hornblower proud, MV Pro Audio today launched a full-blown assault on yesterday's tired, sampled brass and reed libraries with the retail introduction of Wallander Instruments' mind-blowing orchestral Brass and Woodwind software instruments. Dubbed "WIVI," for Wallander Instruments Visual Instruments, the softsynths offer unparalleled dynamic and timbral response, making it a breeze for musicians to create realistic orchestrations unencumbered by the fixed articulations of static samples.

"These instruments are incredibly responsive and dynamic...unlike any softsynths I've heard before," trumpeted Dino Virella, MV Pro Audio's executive vice president. "Timbral changes are absolutely seamless, and the ability to dramatically change dynamics in the middle of a note will leave you breathless!"

MV Pro Audio's company mission is to deliver products to the MI/pro audio sales channels that focus on enhancing the creative experience for musicians, so their pairing with Wallander Instruments was a natural. "Arne Wallander's WIVIs are nothing short of inspirational" noted MV Pro Audio president Michael Marans. "The technology behind the instruments is extraordinarily deep, yet the user experience is so natural and intuitive. It's all about making music--there's no sample-mapping to worry about, or choosing among hundreds of specialized articulations. You simply play, and WIVI does the rest."

Four collections are currently offered: Brass 1, which features trumpets, trombones, and French horns, and Woodwinds 1, 2, and 3, which run the gamut from traditional flutes, clarinets, and oboes to contrabassoons, English horns, and oboes d'amore. In addition to detailed control over the extraordinarily accurate instruments, users can manipulate various aspects of multiple performance environments, such as church, concert hall, and studio, as well as the positions of individual instruments and of the listener. The combined result is that users can actually "premix" the orchestra sections, allowing for convincingly real orchestral emulations with ambient sonic characteristics ranging from symphony concert hall to film soundstage.

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