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Roland releases new "VariPhrase" technology. Found only in the Roland VP-9000 VariPhrase Processor, this elastic audio technology allows audio to be altered by realtime MIDI control without regard to pitch, phrase length, tempo, feel—and all in real time. In short, audio is able to be manipulated in ways which were never before possible.

With VariPhrase, any audio source can be transformed from a static recording into a living instrument—free to be manipulated and "played" under realtime MIDI control. A truly unique technology, VariPhrase works by encoding audio in one of three modes for simultaneous realtime control of pitch, formant, and time. This allows samples to be played across a range of keys and manipulated instantly and non-destructively, all with CD-quality sound. It also allows dramatically different audio phrases to be "trained" to work together like never before.

Source Vocal Line (50K)
Vocal with Applied Melody (49K)
Vocal with Added Harmony (48K)
Vocal with Tempo Changes (121K)
Formant Processing Example (168K)

VariPhrase frees itself from the limitations of sampling by making audio elastic. For example, a vocal phrase can be rearranged into a different performance by changing phrasing, key, inflection, length, or adding realistic harmonies anywhere within the phrase. Or, use the Robot function to remove all original pitch information, allowing a completely new melody to be created from an audio phrase in real time. And because pitch, time, and formant are processed independently, it is possible to pitch bend chords from a single sample without a difference in note duration—perfect for creating realistic brass falls, vocal harmonies, and much more.

Thanks to its ability to process formant, VariPhrase can convincingly play a single sample across a wide range of keys, eliminating the need to multisample. Even more impressive is its ability to instantly match multiple phrase loops with different keys and tempos to a new, user-defined key and tempo. VariPhrase can even Groove Quantize audio to make a straight rhythm loop swing.

A non-destructive, realtime process, VariPhrase makes it possible to timestretch/compress any audio source while maintaining CD quality sound. For example, take an entire 30 second music bed and instantly change the key and make it 28 seconds long. It also allows musicians to improvise and truly "play" with audio samples much like a musical instrument.

With the VP-9000, Roland has succeeded in making audio truly elastic. One of the most significant advancements in audio processing to date, VariPhrase will truly revolutionize the way musicians interact with audio.

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