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Leading soundware developer Spectrasonics proudly announced today that its epic Vocal Planet CD-ROM collection is now shipping.

After four years of intense worldwide recording and editing, and the involvement of more than 500 singers, Vocal Planet represents the largest and most comprehensive collection of exotic vocal samples ever released.

The Vocal Planet sample library is a massive Five Disc CD-ROM set produced by Eric Persing, that features both multisamples and phrases that perfectly complement Spectrasonics' critically-acclaimed Symphony of Voices collection, or it can be used entirely on its own. An awesome variety of over 12,000 samples of authentic male and female singers is presented in different keys, recorded dry for maximum flexibility. Best of all, these incredible one-of-a-kind samples have all been pre-cleared for the end user's musical use without any additional licensing fees.

The Main Categories on Vocal Planet:


The world's only collection of Black Gospel Choir multisamples, shouts, hums, praises and phrases, Urban Youth Choir, Claps, Snaps and Stomping samples and loops, Worship Ambiences, Holy Spirit moaning, Children's Choir, Male and Female soloists and screamin' preachin' too!


Incredible Jazz vocal ensembles (ala Take-6) -multi-sampled doos, dahs, bahs, accents, sfz, bends and FX- Male and Female Scat singers, Bass Vocal phrases and multisamples, Sampled Jazz Vocal Chords with intelligent voice leading! Authentic songs and stories from moaning Mississippi Delta Blues men.


The otherworldly drones of the Tuvan throat singers (who can each sing multiple notes), Colombian, Peruvian, Brazilian and Mariachi yelps, Native American chants, Rastafarian toasting, haunting Indian vocalizing, ethereal phrases, ancient sacred singing, Serbian and Middle Eastern wailing, Nordic folklore, Falsetto tenor melismas, Black Sea, Balkan, new Zulu chants, Bavarian and Country Yodelers, Saharan, Macedonian, Qawalli, Himalayan, Gaelic and Celtic folk songs and mouth music.


Greasy multisampled background licks available in Chromazones, Soulful R&B phrases from the top LA singers, Doo-Woppers, Hip-hop and DJ boasts, scorching Dance hooks and shouts, “street corner” acappella groups and hundreds of human percussion grooves.


Wild mouth noises, Human Synthesizers, Rock ’N Roll screamers, hambone loops, breathing, chaotic utterances, strange vowel drones, sfx, animalistic noises, thousands of vocal percussion samples, processed vocals, yells......and much, much more.

The potential of the human voice is a limitless resource for expressing our deepest emotions through sound. Vocal Planet is a remarkable tool for creative composers and remixers to “humanize” electronic music tracks of any kind.

The Vocal Planet CD-ROM versions also include a Mac/Windows Data CD with Spectrasonics new Soundfinder system for quickly finding the right phrase, a key feature for this library since there is more than EIGHT HOURS of audio material in this product!

An extensive Groove Control section allows you to independently change the tempo, feel and key of more than 175 Human Percussion loops, right from your existing sequencer.

FIVE DISC CD-ROM SET $399 - complete library. Includes Data CD, Akai/Emu, Roland, Kurzweil, SampleCell

THREE DISC AUDIO SET $149 - selected phrases

*note: CD-ROMs contain more than triple the material as on the Audio CD version.

Vocal Planet is available through Spectrasonics international distributor and dealer network. Akai/Emu and Roland CD-ROM formats are shipping now, with Kurzweil, SampleCell and Audio formats to ship in January.

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