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Pick Play Better, Sound Better is the slogan for the world's most innovative guitar pick yet, The V-Pick. If you are looking for a pick that won't slip around in your fingers, one that has the fastest action you have ever experienced and a more full tone with brilliant highs and big lows and a sweet mid range, then V-Picks are the pick of choice for you. These picks will change your life!

Up to this point, this product was mostly geared towards electric guitar players, boasting over 20 different models to choose from. However, after listening to many, many acoustic players and a lot of trial and error, Vinni Smith, the company's founder has come up with the perfect formula. The same wonderfull material that grips and seems to become part of your hand, a very smooth, calculated bevel and a comfortable overall size. This pick delivers more sound from your higher strings than you have experienced before. The volume increase will become immediately evident. It sounds as if you just put new strings on your acoustic! The lows have a clarity and voice like you always wanted. What is really unique about this pick is that the mids are just a bit back from the other two voices. Much like a mid-range scoop! An automatic mid-range scoop built right into the guitar pick! Besides all of this, the pick is made of clear acrylic. A material that just glides over the strings effortlessly creating very little resistance, and therefore allowing you to play faster and smoother.

To watch a video demo of the V-Pick acoustic guitar pick go to: http://www.v-picks.com/VPickAcoustic.html

Not only do acoustic players enjoy this design, electric players are jumping on the band wagon also. They love the fast gliding action and the highs that this pick creates. Pinch harmonics are a breeze. Sweep picking is effortless and dropping this pick is just not common at all. If you are looking to improve your sound and playing ability, and do not want to spend a lot of money, then you are looking in the right direction. You may not need a different guitar, you may just need a different guitar pick!

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