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Ultrawave Guitar Multi Fx is a guitar effects processor that contains 21 guitar effects including several special effects as well as a guitar synthesizer, analog harmonic analyser, recorder and tuner. It works in real-time and has low latency sampling and playback.

Here are some of the advanced features:

There is a fast responding polyphonic guitar synthesizer which in conjunction with a little chorus and reverb can produce some very interesting and refreshingly different sounds.

The multiband echo (also called a spectral delay) can produce anything from unusual wah type sounds to sci-fi laser noises, as well as an arpeggio effect, and echoes.

Next on the list is a multiband distortion which creates a very rich and wide sound and allows you to control the amount of distortion in the bass, mid, and treble ranges. This is a hi-gain effect so it's great for rock and metal. A 60 band analog harmonic analyser shows what makes a guitar sound the way it does. The first 5 to 10 harmonics can be easily seen when a string is playing, and the note's pitch and the pitch of its harmonics can be read from the analyser's musical scale. The analyser can also be used to tune a guitar.

New Features for version 1.2:

  • The combined multiband effect has been split into 3 separate effects, multiband echo, distortion and fuzz
  • Tone controls have been added to the standard distortion, and the other controls have been standardised
  • Pre and post equalisation effects have been added
  • The guitar synthesizer now has an extra timbre setting, which has a purer sound
  • A mixer button has been added that opens the windows mixer
  • There's a new website button that opens the browser and takes the user straight to the Ultrawave website
  • Rewind, forward, and pause buttons have been added to the recorder, and main recorder buttons
  • Now have icons rather than text in them
  • An effects rack has been added underneath the effects toolbar
  • A volume limiter has been added to prevent any harsh clipping noises caused by effect resonances
  • The lighting effect on all the buttons has been changed
  • Shortcuts are now added when the program is first started
  • The error handling code and error display messages have been improved and are now more user friendly
  • There have been numerous small bug fixes, and performance enhancements made

System Requirements:
Windows XP/ NT/2000, 1 GHz processor, 256 MB RAM, Graphics card with DirectX 7(or higher) compatible drivers, 16 bit sound with line in or mic socket, you may need a guitar amplifier or pedal to connect a guitar to your computer.

Ultrawave Guitar Multi Fx v1.2 is currently available to buy for £16 GBP ($30 USD).

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